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Suggestions drug smuggler Karel Sroubek’s mother is seeking permanent residency raise more questions about what Special Directions might be granted by the Minister, National’s Immigration spokesperson Michael Woodhouse says.

“Mr Sroubek’s mother arrived in New Zealand in August speaking publicly in support of her son to media and confirming he had returned to the Czech Republic.

“Those public comments were in spite of applying for her name and the details of her testimony provided in her son’s trial to be suppressed by the courts.

“During the trial the Crown alleged she sent Mr Sroubek seals to ‘enable her son to open the container, remove the drugs and reseal it without anyone knowing.’ She denied this but the Court of Appeal found her account of events was not plausible.

“In summarising her testimony the Court stated ‘the jury would be entitled to reject as wholly implausible Mr Antolik’s (Sroubek’s) mother’s account’.

“Sources have indicated that like Mr Sroubek, his mother intends to remain in New Zealand. However, given the Parent Visa Category was suspended in 2016 and has not been reopened, she may require Ministerial Direction to do so.  

“This is while thousands of parents of recent migrants are having to wait for this Government to reopen the Category, and other law abiding immigrants’ fight to remain here.

“Given the murky circumstances surrounding this case, I call on the Minister to reassure New Zealanders that no further favours will be granted to this family.”

The judgement of the Court is freely available on the Ministry of Justice website and can be found here.

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