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Otago Polytechnic is a world-class institution renowned for its high-quality teaching and courses. Creating a megapolytechnic would destroy that, Dunedin-based National MP Michael Woodhouse says.

“This week I launched a petition calling on the Government to save Otago Polytechnic.

“Otago Polytechnic is a great example of a successful, responsive polytechnic, keen to ensure its graduates meet the needs of local community. I saw this myself when working as a health manager in Dunedin.

“The Government’s plans to amalgamate every polytechnic in New Zealand and manage them centrally will mean a loss not only of identity but also of the nimbleness and adaptability we so value from Otago Polytechnic.

“The Otago brand is globally recognised. Graduates can take their qualifications anywhere in the world, particularly in the health sector. Losing that brand identity will make studying at whatever Otago Polytechnic’s replacement is much less attractive.

“But that’s not all: if the Government’s Bill passes, local council members will be sacked and the megapolytechnic council will be primarily made up of political appointees. We’ll lose our local voice, and our hard-earned cash reserves will be hoovered up by Wellington-based bureaucrats to fund the eye-watering cost of these unnecessary reforms.

“If elected in 2020, National will return polytechnic assets taken by this Government and give them back to our communities. We’re committed to fighting for our community’s voice and autonomy.

“Please sign my petition and save our local polytechnic. You can sign it by going to:”

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