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Time is running out for employers to submit on Labour’s first sweeping changes to employment law, National Party Workplace Relations Spokesperson Michael Woodhouse says.

“Business owners and managers only have until Easter to submit on these proposals which will result in significantly increased powers for unions in the workplace,” Mr Woodhouse says.

“The changes will create all sorts of problems for small and medium sized business owners. They tilt the playing field in favour of unions with new requirements to conclude bargaining, keep paying in full those on partial strikes, and requiring employers in an industry to bargain together if that’s what the union wants.

“All up there are at least 10 union-friendly changes that will only slow down job and wage growth. And that’s before we get to the severe new restrictions on 90 day trials.

“We have added 245,000 jobs in this country over the last two calendar years and these changes fly in the face of that reality.”

Mr Woodhouse says employers and workers can get help with their submission by going to the

“There is a submission form which clearly lays out the changes so submitters can select which of them they most oppose.

“I’m surprised how many people I talk to who still aren’t aware of these changes. The Protect NZ Jobs website is an easy way to get up to speed quickly, so you don’t wake up later and find out it has all already happened.

“The Government still hasn’t explained why these changes make any sense for the New Zealand economy, workers or employers.

“That’s because there is absolutely no justification beyond being a simple payoff for Labour’s union supporters at the expense of everyone else.

“New Zealanders need to reject Labour’s pro-union law changes now or there will be even more harmful reforms later in the year, including the ability of the Government to dictate pay rates across entire industries.”

Make your submission here.

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