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Michael Woodhouse, National List MP says one year on it’s clear that the threat of taking away people’s ability to drive is a very effective enforcement tool for overdue fines.

“Driver Licence Stop Orders (DLSOs) were introduced in February 2014, and within a year people have returned $434,775.43 in overdue fines at Dunedin District Court rather than face the alternative – losing their driver licence,” Mr Woodhouse said.
“This is money the Government collects to be invested back into services for hard-working New Zealanders.

“Nationally, $20.4 million has been paid to the taxpayer – much higher than the $7 million forecast.  Nearly 19,500 people who weren't paying their fines have now either done so, or are doing so.

“This is taxpayer money and National’s message is clear – pay what you owe,” Mr Woodhouse said.

DLSOs can be placed on anyone who fails to pay traffic-related fines imposed by a Court, Police, or local government authority – or reparations imposed by a Court for traffic-related offences.

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